Vanuatu Student Eligibility: Apply and Study in University of Laval – Scholarship Guide

Vanuatu students interested in studying at the University of Laval in Canada have access to various scholarships and financial aid opportunities. The University of Laval offers a range of scholarships to support students throughout their studies. These scholarships cover diverse fields of study, providing financial assistance to help Vanuatu students pursue their academic goals.

For detailed information on the scholarships available, eligibility criteria, and application processes, prospective students can visit the official University of Laval Scholarships and Financial Aid page. Additionally, the WeMakeScholars website provides a list of the top 10 scholarships offered by the University of Laval, including IAL Research Grants for Doctoral Studies.

Vanuatu students are encouraged to explore these opportunities and apply for scholarships that align with their academic pursuits at the University of Laval.

Benefits for Vanuatu Students in 2023

Vanuatu students in 2023 can enjoy various educational and citizenship benefits. The Australia Pacific Training Coalition (APTC) is contributing to the Vanuatu workforce by producing skilled graduates, enhancing employability and economic development in the country[1]. The Australia Awards Scholarships provide full tuition fees, return travel, and establishment allowance, offering opportunities for Ni-Vanuatu to pursue higher education in Australia[3]. Additionally, the Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment Program provides benefits such as visa-free entry to Asia, long-term US visas, tax optimization for business, and a straightforward path to a second citizenship[2]. These initiatives collectively contribute to the educational and socio-economic growth of Vanuatu students in 2023

What is the Vanuatu student’s Entrance Test (YET) structure?

The Vanuatu Students Entrance Test (YET) structure is designed to assess students for university entrance in Vanuatu. However, the exact details of the YET structure are not explicitly provided in the available search results. The information is limited, and specific details such as the format, subjects covered, and evaluation criteria for the YET are not outlined.

To obtain comprehensive information about the Vanuatu Students Entrance Test (YET) structure, it is recommended to contact relevant educational authorities in Vanuatu directly. This may include reaching out to educational institutions, examination boards, or the Ministry of Education in Vanuatu. They can provide accurate and up-to-date details on the YET, ensuring that students receive the most reliable information regarding the structure and requirements of the entrance test.

What are the 2023 eligibility countries to apply for Vanuatu Students?

In 2023, Vanuatu students are eligible to apply for various scholarships in different countries. The eligibility countries for Vanuatu students include:

  1. Vanuatu Scholarships: Vanuatu students can explore scholarships offered within their own country, providing opportunities for educational advancement locally[1].
  2. Fiji Scholarships: Vanuatu students are eligible to apply for scholarships in Fiji, offering them the chance to pursue higher education in this neighboring Pacific island nation[4].
  3. Australia Awards Scholarships: Vanuatu students can also be eligible for Australia Awards Scholarships, with specific criteria outlined in the Australia Awards Scholarships Policy Handbook[6].

These opportunities contribute to the educational and cultural exchange between Vanuatu and other nations, fostering academic growth and collaboration.

It’s important for students to check specific eligibility requirements and deadlines for each scholarship program they are interested in to ensure a successful application.

What are the 2023 important documents needed for Vanuatu Students?

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In 2023, Vanuatu students applying for various opportunities, including scholarships and visas, typically require the following important documents:

  1. Application Forms: Completed and signed application forms, specific to the program or scholarship, are a primary requirement for initiating the application process[2][6].
  2. Proof of Citizenship: Documents confirming Vanuatu citizenship, such as a valid passport or national identity card, are essential for identity verification[5][6].
  3. Educational Certificates: Academic transcripts, certificates, and diplomas validating the student’s educational background and achievements[6].
  4. Financial Proof: Evidence of sufficient funds, often in the form of bank statements or affidavits, to cover tuition fees and living expenses[5].
  5. Passport Photos: Recent passport-sized photographs meeting the specified requirements for the application process[6].

Applicants should thoroughly review the specific requirements of the program or institution they are applying to, as additional documents or variations in document specifications may exist. Ensuring all necessary documents are prepared and submitted accurately is crucial for a successful application.

Vanuatu Students 2023 Important Dates

Vanuatu Year 10 National Examination7th and 8th NovemberNational examination taking place on the National University of Vanuatu (UNV) campus[1]
Ministry of Education Achievements Launch17th NovemberAnnouncement of achievements at the National University of Vanuatu auditorium at 2:00 pm[3]
Holidays in Vanuatu 2023VariousPublic holidays including New Year’s Holiday on Jan 2, Father Lini Day on Feb 21, and others[4]
ANU Vanuatu Field School 2023JulyANU-Vanuatu Cultural Centre Field School took place at Pangpang, Efate Island[6]

Please note that specific details and additional events may be available, and students are advised to stay updated with official announcements and academic calendars.

How to Apply for Vanuatu Student Visa – Step-by-Step Guide

To apply for a student visa in Vanuatu, follow these steps:

  1. Complete the Online Student Visa Application Form:
    • Access the online application form here [1].
    • Ensure all required fields are filled accurately.
  2. Checklist for Applicants:
    • Review the applicant checklist available here for a comprehensive list of required documents [2].
  3. Submit Completed Form:
    • Complete the online Student Visa form here [4].
    • Each student applicant should fill out a separate form.
  4. Gather Necessary Documents:
    • Collect required documents including identification documents, transcripts, and any additional materials specified by the checklist.
  5. Photographs:
    • Provide two passport-size photographs with your application.
  6. Submit Documents:
    • Submit all documents through the designated portal, ensuring accuracy and completeness here [6].

Remember to check for any updates or changes on the official immigration websites to ensure accurate and up-to-date information during the application process.

Contact Details for Vanuatu Students

For direct contact with Vanuatu Students or related organizations, you can explore the following options:

  1. Vanuatu Students Association – Emalus Campus:
  2. Ministry of Education & Training – Vanuatu:
    • For educational inquiries and assistance, you can explore the individual directory provided by the Ministry of Education & Training in Vanuatu [2].
  3. Port Vila International School:
  4. Vanuatu Institute of Technology (VIT):
  5. USP Emalus Campus Vanuatu:

These contact options should provide you with various channels to reach out to Vanuatu students, educational institutions, and related associations. Please check the respective websites or social media pages for the most up-to-date contact information.


  1. Have you ever heard of Vanuatu? What do you know about it?
    • Students might be curious to learn about the country’s geography, culture, and history.
  2. What is it like to study in Vanuatu?
    • This question may revolve around the educational system, available courses, and the overall student experience.
  3. How can I apply to study in Vanuatu?
    • Students often seek information on the application process, required documents, and any specific criteria for admission.
  4. Are there scholarships available for international students in Vanuatu?
    • Financial considerations are crucial, so students inquire about scholarship opportunities to support their education.
  5. What is the cost of living for students in Vanuatu?
    • Understanding the living expenses, accommodation, and general costs is a common concern for students planning to study abroad.

These questions provide a glimpse into the curiosity students may have about Vanuatu, covering aspects from general knowledge to practical considerations for studying and living in the country.

Top 10 Types of Scholarships for Vanuatu Students in 2023

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  1. Vanuatu Government Scholarships
    • Details: The Vanuatu government offers scholarships for various academic levels, including undergraduate and postgraduate studies. These scholarships cover tuition, accommodation, and living expenses.
  2. University of the South Pacific Scholarships
    • Details: The University of the South Pacific provides scholarships for Vanuatu students across disciplines. These may include full or partial tuition waivers and additional financial support.
  3. Australian Awards Scholarships
    • Details: Australian Awards Scholarships are available for Vanuatu students pursuing undergraduate or postgraduate degrees in Australia. These fully-funded scholarships cover tuition, living expenses, and airfare.
  4. New Zealand Scholarships
    • Details: New Zealand offers scholarships for Vanuatu students at various levels. These scholarships cover tuition, living costs, and other allowances.
  5. Commonwealth Scholarships
    • Details: The Commonwealth Scholarship program includes opportunities for Vanuatu students to study in Commonwealth member countries. It covers tuition, travel, and living expenses.
  6. Asian Development Bank – Japan Scholarship Program
    • Details: This program provides scholarships for Vanuatu students interested in postgraduate studies related to development and international relations in Japan.
  7. World Bank Scholarships
    • Details: The World Bank offers scholarships for Vanuatu students pursuing studies in fields related to development. These scholarships cover tuition, travel, and living expenses.
  8. Chevening Scholarships
    • Details: Vanuatu students can apply for Chevening Scholarships to study in the United Kingdom. These scholarships cover tuition, living expenses, and other allowances.
  9. Erasmus Mundus Scholarships
    • Details: Erasmus Mundus offers scholarships for Vanuatu students to pursue joint master’s or doctoral programs in Europe. These scholarships cover tuition and living costs.
  10. Vanuatu Institute of Technology Scholarships
    • Details: The Vanuatu Institute of Technology provides scholarships for local students pursuing technical and vocational education.

These scholarships offer diverse opportunities for Vanuatu students to pursue their education at various levels and in different countries.

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