Papua New Guinea Student Eligibility: Apply and Study in the University of Saskatchewan – Scholarship Guide

Papua New Guinea students interested in studying at the University of Saskatchewan can explore various scholarships and funding options. The university offers scholarships for both undergraduate and graduate students.

  1. Undergraduate Scholarships: PNG students studying on-campus or through affiliated colleges at the University of Saskatchewan are eligible to apply for undergraduate scholarships, as mentioned on the official scholarships page of the University of Saskatchewan.
  2. Graduate Scholarships: Future graduate students from PNG can receive funding for their graduate education through various sources, including performance-based scholarships, need-based bursaries, and employment opportunities. The University of Saskatchewan Graduate Scholarship is specifically mentioned as applicable to master’s degree students.
  3. International Grade Conversions: Prospective international graduate students, including those from Papua New Guinea, can refer to the International Grade Conversions page for an estimation of their eligibility.
  4. Off-Campus and Affiliated College Students: Students studying off-campus or through affiliated colleges may be eligible for scholarships and bursaries, as mentioned on the official students’ scholarship page.

2023 Benefits for Papua New Guinea Students

In 2023, Papua New Guinea (PNG) students can access various benefits to support their education and professional growth. These include:

  1. HELP Program: The Higher Education Loan Program aids university students in PNG with financial assistance, demonstrating a commitment to supporting higher education in the country[1].
  2. Policy Reforms: Significant policy reforms in PNG aim to ensure equal economic opportunities, fostering stronger, more stable, and inclusive growth, potentially benefiting students in various ways[2].
  3. Scholarship Opportunities: Students from PNG can explore international scholarship opportunities such as the Chevening Scholarship[4] and the Walter Mersh Strong Scholarship at the University of Sydney[5], providing fully funded tuition and exclusive networking benefits.

Papua New Guinea Students Entrance Test (YET) Structure

As of the provided search results, there is no specific information available about a test called the Papua New Guinea Students Entrance Test (YET). The search did not yield relevant details regarding its structure or components. However, Papua New Guinea has examinations such as the MCAT (Medical College Admission Test) and the Special Tertiary Admissions Test (STAT P), which are utilized for specific purposes like medical school admissions and tertiary education applications, respectively[1][5].

For precise information on the structure of a test named YET, it is advisable to contact educational institutions, examination boards, or relevant authorities in Papua New Guinea directly for the most accurate and up-to-date details.

2023 Eligibility Countries for Papua New Guinea Students

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with information booths and engaged participants,
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dressed in formal attire and participating in charity auctions,Papua New Guinea Students

In 2023, Papua New Guinea students have various international scholarship and exchange opportunities. Eligibility criteria for these programs often include citizenship requirements. Some notable opportunities include:

  1. Chinese Government Scholarships: Available for Papua New Guinea students, particularly those pursuing master’s or doctoral programs in China[1].
  2. Global Undergraduate Exchange Program: Open to citizens of Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, and Vanuatu, providing undergraduate exchange opportunities in the United States[2].
  3. New Zealand Aid Program: Papua New Guinea is among the eligible Pacific Region countries for the 2023 New Zealand Aid Program for international students[4].
  4. US South Pacific Scholarship Program: Candidates from Papua New Guinea are eligible for this program, fostering educational exchanges with the United States[5].

These opportunities signify a commitment to enhancing educational collaboration and fostering cultural exchange between Papua New Guinea and various countries.

2023 Important Documents for Papua New Guinea Students

For the admission and application processes in 2023, Papua New Guinea students typically need the following crucial documents:

  1. Recent Passport Size Photo: A clear, scanned passport-sized photo in PDF format.
  2. Copy of ID Cards: Submission of identification documents such as ID cards, driver’s license, passport, or National Identification (NID) card.
  3. Completed Online Application Form: Many applications require online forms to be filled out, submitted, and printed for further processing.
  4. Academic Transcripts and Certificates: Attach necessary supporting documents, including academic transcripts and certificates.
  5. Financial Sponsor or Guarantor Form: A form completed by the student’s sponsor or financial guarantor, often required for admissions[1][4][5][2].
  6. Visa and Passport: For international travel or study abroad, having a valid U.S. passport and relevant visas is essential[6].

These documents are critical for admissions, scholarship applications, and visa processes, ensuring a smooth transition for Papua New Guinea students in 2023.

2023 Important Dates for Papua New Guinea Students

January 1New Year’s DayPublic Holiday
January 2Day off for New Year’s DayPublic Holiday
July 24National Remembrance DayDay off
August 26National Day of Repentance
September 15Independence DayDay off
August 17-182023 PNG Update: Resilient and Diverse DevelopmentConference
January 2New Year’s DayPublic Holiday

Please note that these dates include public holidays, important national events, and a notable conference in Papua New Guinea for the year 2023. It’s advisable to check for any updates or changes closer to the specific dates.

How to Apply for Papua New Guinea Students

To apply for admission as a student in Papua New Guinea, follow these steps:

  1. Check Admission Process: Visit the University of Papua New Guinea’s Admission Process page to understand the admission procedures.
  2. Review Visa Requirements: Explore the student visa requirements provided by the Immigration and Citizenship Authority of Papua New Guinea.
  3. Understand Admission Requirements: Familiarize yourself with the admission requirements for international students at James Madison University.
  4. Application Process in Papua New Guinea: Follow the step-by-step admission process outlined for students applying to Papua New Guinea.
  5. Prepare Required Documents: Gather necessary documents, including a bachelor’s certificate and academic transcripts.
  6. Chinese Government Scholarships: If applying for scholarships, check the 2023/2024 Chinese Government Scholarships for PNG students.
  7. Online Application: For specific programs or scholarships, some applications may need to be submitted online. Follow the provided instructions, such as online application for Chinese Government Scholarships.
  8. Submit Hardcopies: For certain applications, like the Chinese Government Scholarships, ensure to submit two hardcopies of the application form.

Always refer to the specific institution’s or scholarship provider’s official website for the most accurate and updated information on the application process.

Direct Contact for Papua New Guinea Students

For direct contact and inquiries regarding education in Papua New Guinea, you can reach out to the following:

  1. PNG Education Institute (PNGEI) – Application Forms for 2024: Contact: [email protected] Whatsapp: 7648 7856 Closing date for applications: 30th August 2023 PNGEI Facebook Page
  2. University of Papua New Guinea – Open College Study Centers:
  3. UCL (University College London) – International Students from Papua New Guinea: For prospective students from Papua New Guinea, including contacts and equivalent entry qualifications. UCL International Students – Papua New Guinea
  4. Department of Higher Education, Research, Science, and Technology (DHERST) – Official Facebook Page: Information on scholarships and updates. DHERST Official Facebook Page

Please note that contacting the relevant institution directly is the best way to obtain accurate and up-to-date information. Ensure that you use official communication channels and verify contact details from the respective institutions’ official websites.


  1. What are the key admission requirements for universities in Papua New Guinea?
    • Students often inquire about the necessary documents and qualifications needed for admission to universities in Papua New Guinea.
  2. How can international students apply for visas to study in Papua New Guinea?
    • International students may have questions about the visa application process and requirements for studying in Papua New Guinea[3].
  3. Are there specific scholarships available for international students in Papua New Guinea?
    • Students may want information about scholarship opportunities for international students, including eligibility criteria and application procedures[1][6].
  4. What are the important dates and deadlines for academic activities in Papua New Guinea?
    • Students often seek information on academic calendars, examination schedules, and other important dates related to their studies[2][4].
  5. Where can students find reliable online resources for education in Papua New Guinea?
    • Questions about accessing online educational materials, exam resources, and study guides are common among students[3][5].

Top 10 Types of Scholarships for Papua New Guinea Students in 2023

A diverse panel of experts discussing the importance of diversity in scholarship programs at a conference,
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indicating a reminder for the upcoming scholarship application deadline,
A distinguished keynote speaker addressing scholarship recipients during a graduation-style ceremony,
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celebrating with maps and suitcases,
Participants networking at a scholarship event,Papua New Guinea Students
  1. The University of Gothenburg Axel Adler Scholarships
    • Details: This international scholarship offers financial support for Papua New Guineans to pursue various academic programs at the University of Gothenburg.
  2. KTH Scholarships
    • Details: KTH Scholarships provide opportunities for Papua New Guinea students to study at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Sweden, covering tuition fees and living expenses.
  3. University of Geneva Excellence Scholarship
    • Details: The University of Geneva offers the Excellence Scholarship to international students, including those from Papua New Guinea, to support outstanding academic achievements.
  4. Education Future International Scholarship – USA & Non-USA
    • Details: This scholarship, available for both US and non-US students, aims to support students from Papua New Guinea pursuing higher education in the United States.
  5. Royal Society International Scholarships
    • Details: These scholarships provide opportunities for Papua New Guinea students interested in scientific research, fostering international collaboration in various fields.
  6. Fully Funded Scholarships for Papua New Guinea Students
    • Details: This category includes fully funded scholarships covering tuition, accommodation, and other expenses for Papua New Guinea students pursuing undergraduate or postgraduate studies.
  7. Papua New Guinea Scholarships for Pakistani Students
    • Details: Specifically catering to Pakistani students, these scholarships offer financial assistance for education in Papua New Guinea, covering various academic disciplines.
  8. International Scholarships for Papua New Guineans
    • Details: This comprehensive list includes various scholarships available annually for Papua New Guinea students, covering a wide range of study fields and academic levels.
  9. Papua New Guinea Scholarships and Opportunities
    • Details: This resource provides information on fully and partially funded scholarships and opportunities for youth in Papua New Guinea, including details on eligibility and application procedures.
  10. Australian Awards Scholarships for Papua New Guinea
    • Details: The Australian Awards Scholarships program offers opportunities for Papua New Guinea students to pursue undergraduate or postgraduate studies in Australia, covering tuition, living expenses, and more.
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