Liberia Student Eligibility: Apply and Study in Toronto Metropolitan University – Scholarship Guide

Liberian students interested in studying at Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU) have various scholarship and financial assistance opportunities. TMU recognizes academic achievements with over $10 million in scholarships for the first-year class upon admission. Both Canadian and international students, including Liberians, can explore undergraduate scholarship and award opportunities. The Student Awards and Scholarships office at TMU provides a list of financial assistance and award opportunities specifically available to international students, aiding them in their pursuit of education. Additionally, President’s Entrance Scholarship, offered by TMU, supports students in academics and research.

Liberian students should visit the official TMU website and the Student Awards and Scholarships office for detailed eligibility criteria, application processes, and other relevant information.

2023 Benefits for Liberia Students

Liberian students in 2023 have access to various scholarships and opportunities. Fully funded international scholarships are available, covering government grants, international fellowships, and university scholarships, providing financial support for education. Additionally, bilateral scholarships, such as the 2023 Bilateral Scholarship for study in Morocco, offer unique opportunities for Liberian students.

The University of Liberia Scholarship from Tilburg University opens avenues for international study, providing financial assistance for studies across multiple countries. Programs like the Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange & Study (YES) Program also offer scholarships for secondary school students.

To stay updated on available benefits, students can follow platforms like the Liberian Scholarships Hub on Facebook.

What is the Liberia Students Entrance Test (YET) structure?

A panel of interviewers asking questions to scholarship applicants in a professional setting,
A ceremony honoring scholarship donors with a display featuring their names and contributions,
A stack of books with a ribbon around them, 
representing a scholarship awarded for educational resources,
International students at a welcome event for scholarship recipients, 
holding flags from their home countries,Liberian Students

The Liberia Students Entrance Test (YET) structure involves a paper-based entrance exam administered nationwide. Typically held annually, candidates undertake the exam to gain admission to educational institutions such as the University of Liberia. The entrance test is a crucial component of the admissions process, determining the eligibility of candidates for enrollment.

Recent statistics from the University of Liberia indicate that the entrance exam results play a significant role in the admission process. In specific instances, there has been notable attention to the performance of female candidates, with nearly 50% passing the entrance exam, showcasing a positive trend in gender inclusivity.

While the exact details of the YET structure may vary, the emphasis is generally on assessing candidates’ academic capabilities and suitability for higher education. The administration of the entrance exam is a pivotal event, impacting the educational trajectories of aspiring students in Liberia.

What are the 2023 eligibility countries to apply for Liberia Students?

Liberian students are eligible to apply for scholarships in various countries worldwide in 2023. These opportunities include fully funded scholarships, government grants, and fellowships. The eligibility countries for Liberian students encompass a diverse range, with notable options such as the USA, UK, Canada, Italy, Spain, Norway, and Austria. Specific scholarship programs may have varying criteria and requirements, but Liberian students can explore options to study abroad and in Liberia.

For instance, the YES Programs offer opportunities for Liberian students between the ages of 15 to 18 to participate in cultural exchanges and educational experiences in different countries. Additionally, fully funded scholarships are available for Liberian students to study abroad and within Liberia, providing financial support for their education.

Liberian students need to check the eligibility criteria for each scholarship program and adhere to application deadlines for the respective countries they are interested in.

What are the 2023 important documents needed for Liberian students?

In 2023, Liberian students applying to international universities typically need the following important documents:

  1. Passport: A valid passport is a fundamental requirement for international travel and study.
  2. Academic Transcripts: Official transcripts from previous educational institutions, demonstrating academic achievements.
  3. English Language Proficiency Certificate: Many universities require standardized test scores like IELTS or TOEFL to assess English language proficiency.
  4. Letters of Recommendation: Letters from teachers or academic professionals endorsing the student’s capabilities and character.
  5. Statement of Purpose: A written statement outlining the student’s academic and career goals, often required for graduate programs.
  6. Resume/Curriculum Vitae (CV): A comprehensive document detailing the student’s educational and extracurricular achievements.
  7. Proof of Financial Support: Documents affirming the student’s ability to cover tuition and living expenses, often accompanied by a sponsor’s letter.
  8. Visa Documents: Depending on the destination, this may include a visa application form, acceptance letter from the university, and proof of financial means.

Liberian students must check specific requirements for each university and country, as they may vary. Adhering to application guidelines and deadlines is essential for a smooth admission process.

2023 Important Dates for Liberian Students

Liberia National ExamsRevised dates available on FacebookMinistry of Education – Liberia
Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange & Study Program DeadlineOngoing, check program websiteYES Programs
First Time Voters’ SymposiumOctober 2023 (Specific date not given)Swedish Institute

Note: The table includes key events such as the Liberia National Exams with revised dates available on the Ministry of Education – Liberia’s Facebook page. Additionally, ongoing opportunities like the Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange & Study Program for Liberian students can be explored on the YES Programs website. The First Time Voters’ Symposium is mentioned to take place in October 2023, with the exact date not specified on the Swedish Institute’s website.

How to Apply for Liberian Students – Step-by-Step Guide

To apply for universities and programs as a Liberian student, follow these steps:

  1. Explore Universities and Programs:
    • Research universities and programs that align with your academic goals.
    • provides information on admission requirements.
  2. Check Application Requirements:
    • Review the specific admission requirements for your chosen university.
    • ROC Apply offers insights into general application requirements.
  3. Create an Account:
    • Visit the university’s official admission portal.
    • Complete the online registration on platforms like UL Portal.
  4. Submit Application Documents:
    • Prepare and submit necessary documents, such as transcripts and certificates.
    • Follow the guidelines provided by the university, e.g., James Madison University.
  5. Pay Application Fees:
    • Pay the nonrefundable admission fees as required.
    • For example, check UL Portal for application fees.
  6. Language Proficiency and Essays:
    • Some programs may require English proficiency exams and essays.
    • YES Programs specify additional rounds including English proficiency on their website.
  7. Obtain Admission Letter:
    • Once accepted, obtain an official letter of admission from your chosen institution.
    • VisitWorld provides information on obtaining student visas for specific countries.

Remember to follow the application deadlines and guidelines provided by each institution.

Direct Contact for Liberian Students – Contact Details

For direct contact with Liberian student organizations and services, you can use the following contact details:

  1. Student Helpline Liberia
    • Facebook Page
    • Connect with recognized students through their official chatroom for academic services and activities.
  2. Liberia National Students’ Union (LINSU)
    • Organization: Liberia National Students’ Union (LINSU)
    • Address: Between 16th & 17th Streets, Sinkor
    • Democracy.Community
  3. Liberian Students for Quality Education
  4. Liberia International Student Exchange Services-LISES
    • Official Website
    • Contact for full degree programs for foreign students globally.
  5. YES Programs – Liberia
    • YES Programs
    • Contact staff who are the main contacts for parents of YES students.

These contact details should help you connect with various organizations and services catering to Liberian students. Ensure to use the provided links and addresses for specific inquiries and assistance.


  1. Q: Are there scholarship opportunities for Liberian students?
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  3. Q: How is the political situation in Liberia affecting students?
    • A: According to the Freedom in the World 2023 Country Report, there were key developments in Liberia in 2022, including sanctions against prominent officials. For detailed insights, refer to the report.
  4. Q: What events or activities are available for students in Liberia?
  5. Q: How can students connect with Liberian student organizations and services?

Top 10 Types of Scholarships Available for Liberian Students in 2023

A community outreach event showcasing scholarship opportunities, 
with information booths and engaged participants,
Attendees at a scholarship fundraising gala, 
dressed in formal attire and participating in charity auctions,
A mentor and mentee discussing academic and career goals as part of a scholarship mentorship program,Liberian Students
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