Kiribati Student Eligibility: Apply and Study in University of Victoria – Scholarship Guide

If you are a student from Kiribati and aspiring to study at the University of Victoria in Canada, there are entrance scholarships available for academically outstanding international undergraduate students. These scholarships are non-repayable and are primarily awarded based on academic excellence. The eligibility categories for entrance scholarships depend on your citizenship and where you last studied.

For more details on available scholarships and eligibility criteria, you can visit the official scholarship page of the University of Victoria. Additionally, there is a comprehensive list of 361 scholarships at the University of Victoria for the academic year 2023-24, including various types of scholarships for international students.

Benefits of 2023 Scholarships for Kiribati Students

Kiribati students have access to various scholarship opportunities in 2023, providing comprehensive benefits for their education. The Chinese Government Scholarship is one such opportunity, offering financial support covering tuition, accommodation, travel, and other expenses. Additionally, there are specific scholarships for Kiribati students to study in Fiji and China, with eligibility criteria, deadlines, and application processes tailored to their needs.

These scholarships aim to alleviate financial burdens, allowing Kiribati students to focus on their education and personal development. Fully funded international scholarships are particularly noteworthy, providing holistic support for academic pursuits. Kiribati students can explore a range of opportunities, fostering educational growth and international exposure.

2023 Eligibility Countries for Kiribati Students’ Applications

Kiribati students are eligible to apply for scholarships and opportunities in various countries. As of 2023, several nations offer fully funded scholarships and programs for Kiribati students, enhancing their educational experiences abroad. Some prominent countries include:

  1. China: Offering a diverse range of scholarships for Kiribati students, including fellowships and grants in various disciplines[3].
  2. Fiji: Providing numerous scholarships, fellowships, and grants for Kiribati students to pursue their academic goals[2].
  3. International Opportunities: Platforms like ScholarshipTab offer fully funded opportunities for Kiribati students in 2023-2024, supporting studies both abroad and in Kiribati[6].

These opportunities aim to empower Kiribati students in pursuing undergraduate, master’s, and Ph.D. degrees across different fields. As the educational landscape evolves, Kiribati students can explore these opportunities to advance their knowledge and contribute to their nation’s development.

2023 Essential Documents for Kiribati Students Applying Abroad

Instructors leading a workshop on crafting compelling scholarship essays and application strategies,
A bustling fair with booths from various community colleges, 
providing information on available scholarships,
A success story featuring a scholarship alumnus who has achieved notable accomplishments in their field,
A plaque displayed in honor of scholarship contributors,Kiribati Students

Kiribati students aspiring to study abroad in 2023 need several crucial documents. These include:

  1. Valid Passport: Ensure your passport is valid for at least six months beyond your intended return date and has a minimum of two blank pages.
  2. Copy of Identification Document: Provide a copy of your identification document for verification purposes.
  3. Return or Onward Ticket: Furnish proof of a return or onward ticket or demonstrate sufficient funds to cover your travel.
  4. Acceptance Letter: Obtain an acceptance letter from the Kiribati education provider, confirming your enrollment in the chosen program.

These documents are essential for visa applications, travel, and enrollment processes. It’s crucial to check specific requirements of the destination country and educational institution. Staying organized and ensuring the timely preparation of these documents will facilitate a smooth application and transition process for Kiribati students pursuing international education.

2023 Important Dates for Kiribati Students

July 9-15Kiribati Language WeekA week-long celebration to promote and preserve Kiribati language and culture[1][4].
October 4Kiribati Education DayA day dedicated to celebrating education in Kiribati[3].
October 5Kiribati Tungaru Language WeekA week to celebrate the Kiribati language with the theme “Ribanan, karikirakean ao kateimatoan ara katei ma ara taetae ni”[2].
October 10Inaugural Form 7 Graduation CeremonyA significant event marking the graduation of Form 7 students in Kiribati[5].
October 11NZ Kiribati Language Week Zoom FonoJoin a Zoom Fono to learn more about scholarships and engage in discussions related to Kiribati language and culture[6].
October 25NZ Kiribati Language Week Zoom FonoAnother opportunity to participate in a Zoom Fono, discussing various aspects of Kiribati language and culture[6].

These dates offer Kiribati students various opportunities for cultural celebration, education acknowledgment, and engagement with the Kiribati community both locally and internationally.

How to Apply for Kiribati Students – Step-by-Step Guide

To apply for Kiribati students, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the University of the South Pacific – Kiribati Campus Facebook Page:
  2. Explore RocApply for Application Requirements:
  3. Apply to Constructor University:
  4. Check RocApply for Application Status:
  5. Explore U.S. Embassy Graduate Study Information:
  6. Review Schwarzman Scholars Application Instructions:

Remember to check the respective application deadlines and ensure that you have all the required documents ready before applying. Stay informed through official channels and regularly check for updates on the application process.

Direct Contact – Contact Details for Kiribati Students

For direct contact and more information related to Kiribati students, you can reach out to the following contacts:

  1. UWC Kiribati National Committee:
  2. USP Kiribati Campus:
    • Chat Service: USP Kiribati Chat
    • For assistance and information about the University of the South Pacific – Kiribati Campus.
  3. Kiribati Government – Ministry of Education:
  4. MOE Kiribati (Ministry of Education):
    • Facebook: MOE Kiribati Facebook
    • Regular updates and information sharing from the Ministry of Education.
  5. University of Wolverhampton – Kiribati:
    • Contact: Information available on the University of Wolverhampton website.
    • For specific details on studying at the University of Wolverhampton.

Feel free to use the provided contact information to connect with the relevant organizations and entities for any inquiries or assistance.


  1. What is Kiribati Language Week, and how can I participate?
    • Kiribati Language Week is an annual celebration to promote the Kiribati language and culture. Participation involves learning phrases and engaging in cultural activities. More
  2. Tell me about Kiribati’s culture, history, and people.
    • Explore Kiribati’s rich cultural and historical aspects, its people, and geographical features. More
  3. What is the current economic situation in Kiribati, and how has it been impacted?
    • Kiribati’s 2023 Article IV Consultation discusses economic recovery and key issues. More
  4. Can you provide an overview of Kiribati, including its geography and islands?
    • Kiribati comprises the Gilbert Islands, Line Islands, and Phoenix Islands. More
  5. How can I apply for the Chevening Scholarship in Kiribati?
    • Learn about the application process and timeline for the Chevening Scholarship in Kiribati. More

Top 10 Types of Scholarships Available for Kiribati Students in 2023

recognizing their commitment to education and opportunity,
Students, recipients of a STEM scholarship, 
conducting experiments in a laboratory setting,
A poster advertising an upcoming scholarship information session with details on date, 
time,Kiribati Students
  1. Fiji Scholarships for Kiribati Students
    • Details: Over 128 scholarships available, providing financial support for tuition, accommodation, and other expenses to study in Fiji. More
  2. Fully Funded International Scholarships
    • Details: Comprehensive scholarships covering tuition, accommodation, travel, and other expenses for Kiribati students pursuing various academic levels. More
  3. Global Scholarships Database
    • Details: Extensive list of scholarships for Kiribati students in 2023-2024 covering various disciplines and academic levels. More
  4. Fully Funded Scholarships for Kiribati Students
    • Details: Scholarships available for a wide range of disciplines and academic levels, including undergraduate, master’s, and Ph.D. programs. More
  5. Chinese Government Scholarship
    • Details: Open to Kiribati students for the academic year 2023/2024, covering various academic disciplines. More
  6. China Scholarships for Kiribati Students
    • Details: A list of 181+ scholarships, fellowships, and grants for Kiribati students to study in China, including eligibility criteria and deadlines. More
  7. Australia Awards Scholarships
    • Details: Scholarships funded by the Australian government, offering opportunities for Kiribati students to pursue undergraduate or postgraduate studies in Australia. More
  8. New Zealand Scholarships
    • Details: Scholarships for Kiribati students to study in New Zealand, covering a variety of academic fields. More
  9. Japan-IMF Scholarship Program
    • Details: Scholarships for Kiribati students pursuing a master’s degree in economics at Japanese universities in collaboration with the International Monetary Fund. More
  10. Chevening Scholarships
    • Details: Scholarships for Kiribati students to pursue a one-year master’s degree in the UK, covering tuition, living expenses, and travel. More
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