PM Yasasvi Scholarship 2023: Student Guide – Everything You Need to Know

The PM Yasasvi Scholarship 2023, officially known as the PM Young Achievers Scholarship Award Scheme for Vibrant India (PM-YASASVI), is a government initiative offering 30,000 scholarships for OBC, EBC, and DNT students in top-class schools. Here’s everything you need to know:

  1. Eligibility Criteria: OBC, EBC, and DNT students are eligible for this scholarship.
  2. Selection Process: The 2023 entrance test for PM Yasasvi has been canceled. The selection is now based solely on merit.
  3. Admit Card: Admit cards for the scholarship scheme can be downloaded from the official website.
  4. Application Process: Applications are submitted online through the official website
  5. Key Dates: Important dates, including the application period, are crucial for applicants to be aware of.
  6. Merit List: The scholarship scheme’s selection is based on a merit list, emphasizing academic excellence.

This scholarship aims to provide financial assistance and educational opportunities to deserving students, prioritizing merit-based selection over an entrance test.

What are the 2023 benefits for PM Yasasvi Scholarship 2023?

The PM Yasasvi Scholarship 2023 offers significant benefits to students in Class 9 and Class 10. Under this scheme, eligible students receive a scholarship ranging from Rs 75,000 to Rs 1,20,000. The scholarship amount aims to provide financial assistance to deserving students and support their education. The benefits include not only the financial aid but also the recognition of academic merit as the selection process is based on merit rather than an entrance test. This initiative by the government of India, launched through the portal, emphasizes empowering students and promoting educational excellence by ensuring access to quality education for economically disadvantaged students.

What is the PM Yasasvi Scholarship 2023 Entrance Test (YET) structure?

The PM Yasasvi Scholarship 2023 Entrance Test (YET) structure involves a written examination known as the YASASVI ENTRANCE TEST 2023. The test serves as the basis for selecting scholarship awardees. However, recent information indicates that the YET has been canceled, and the selection process is now solely based on merit. The merit list is generated using the grades obtained by students in class 8 and 10. Candidates with a minimum of 60% or equivalent grades are considered for the scholarship. The cancellation of the entrance test streamlines the selection process, emphasizing academic merit over a specific test. The scholarship aims to empower students from OBC, EBC, and DNT categories, providing financial assistance based on their academic achievements.

What are the 2023 eligibility countries to apply for the PM Yasasvi Scholarship 2023?

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The PM Yasasvi Scholarship 2023 is exclusively available for Indian nationals. To be eligible, applicants must be Indian citizens and permanent residents of India. The scholarship is specifically designed for students belonging to the OBC (Other Backward Classes), EBC (Economically Backward Classes), or DNT (Denotified Tribes) categories. The eligibility criteria include candidates studying in Class 9 or 11 in recognized top-class schools. For Class 9 applicants, they should have been born between April 1, 2006, and March 31, 2010. The scholarship aims to provide financial assistance to students from these categories, fostering education and empowerment within the Indian community.

What are the 2023 important documents needed for PM Yasasvi Scholarship 2023?

To apply for the PM Yasasvi Scholarship 2023, candidates are required to submit essential documents during the application process. The necessary documents include:

  1. Aadhar Card: To verify the identity of the applicant.
  2. Residence Certificate: Proof of residence to establish eligibility criteria.
  3. Passport Size Photograph: Recent photographs for application purposes.
  4. Mobile Number and Email ID: Contact details for communication.
  5. Income Certificate: To assess the financial eligibility of the candidate.
  6. 8th and 10th Passing Certificate: Academic certificates to verify educational qualifications.
  7. Category Certificate: Documents confirming the applicant’s category, such as OBC, EBC, or DNT.

Applicants must ensure that these documents are accurate and up-to-date to complete the PM Yasasvi Scholarship application process successfully.

What are the 2023 important dates for PM Yasasvi Scholarship 2023?

Sure, here’s a table summarizing the important dates for the PM Yasasvi Scholarship 2023 based on the information from the provided search results:

Start of Online Applications11th July 2023
Last Date for Online Applications17th August 2023
Admit Card DownloadNot specified
Entrance Exam29th September 2023
Result DeclarationNot specified

Please note that some specific details, such as the admit card download date and result declaration date, are not provided in the available information. Applicants are advised to stay updated with the official sources or contact the National Testing Agency (NTA) for the latest and more detailed schedule.

How to apply for PM Yasasvi Scholarship 2023 – Links and steps to apply:

  1. Visit the Official Website:
    • Go to the official website for PM Yasasvi Scholarship: [6].
  2. New Candidate Registration:
    • On the left side of the page, locate and click on the ‘New Candidate Register Here’ link [6].
  3. Complete Registration:
    • Provide necessary details such as Email ID and Mobile Number for registration [2].
  4. Application Form:
    • Fill out the application form with accurate information.
  5. Upload Documents:
    • Upload the required documents as mentioned in the application process.
  6. Application Submission:
    • After completing the form, submit the application online.
  7. Application Fee:
    • Check if there is any application fee mentioned and make the payment if required.
  8. Print Application Confirmation:
    • Once the application is submitted, it’s advisable to print the confirmation for future reference.

Please note that these steps are a general guide, and it’s essential to refer to the official website and guidelines for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Direct Contact – Contact Details for PM Yasasvi Scholarship 2023

For direct contact regarding the PM Yasasvi Scholarship 2023, you can reach out to the National Testing Agency (NTA), which is responsible for the administration of the scholarship. Here are the contact details:

For any queries or assistance related to the PM Yasasvi Scholarship, contacting the NTA through the provided phone number or email address is recommended.


Students frequently ask various questions about the PM Yasasvi Scholarship 2023. Here are five common questions along with brief answers:

  1. How can I apply for the PM Yasasvi Scholarship?
    • Answer: To apply, visit the official website, complete the registration, and follow the application process outlined on the National Testing Agency (NTA) portal.
  2. What are the eligibility criteria for the scholarship?
    • Answer: Eligibility includes being a student in classes 9th to 12th, with Indian citizenship, and passing the class 8th examination from a recognized board.
  3. When is the last date to apply for the scholarship?
    • Answer: The last date for application submission is typically mentioned on the official website and may vary each year.
  4. What documents are required for the PM Yasasvi Scholarship application?
    • Answer: Commonly required documents include an Aadhar card, residence certificate, passport-size photograph, mobile number, and email ID.
  5. How can I contact the authorities for further assistance?
    • Answer: For queries, students can contact the NTA through the provided help desk phone numbers (011-69227700, 011-40759000) and email address ([email protected]).

Top 10 Types of Scholarships Available in 2023 with Details

International students at a welcome event for scholarship recipients, 
holding flags from their home countries,
A community outreach event showcasing scholarship opportunities, 
with information booths and engaged participants,
Attendees at a scholarship fundraising gala,
  1. PM YASASVI Scholarship 2023
    • Details: The Prime Minister’s Young Achievers Scholarship Award Scheme for Vibrant India (PM YASASVI) offers scholarships exclusively based on merit, without an entrance test[4].
  2. AICTE Pragati Scholarship
    • Details: The All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) Pragati Scholarship is for girls pursuing technical education. It provides financial assistance and encourages women to pursue higher education in engineering and technology[2].
  3. National Scholarship Portal (NSP) Scholarships
    • Details: NSP offers various scholarships, including those for top-class education, students with disabilities, and more[5][6].
  4. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Scholarship
    • Details: This scholarship honors the former President of India and is awarded based on academic excellence. It supports students pursuing science, engineering, and medical courses.
  5. IndianOil Academic Scholarships
    • Details: IndianOil Corporation Limited provides scholarships to students pursuing various courses in engineering, MBBS, and MBA.
  6. Post Matric Scholarships for SC/ST Students
    • Details: Governed by the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, these scholarships aim to support the education of students belonging to Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes.
  7. Merit-Cum-Means Scholarship for Minority Students
    • Details: Offered by the Ministry of Minority Affairs, this scholarship supports students from minority communities with financial constraints.
  8. LIC Golden Jubilee Scholarship Scheme
    • Details: The Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) provides scholarships to economically weaker students pursuing higher education.
  9. Sardar Patel Scholarship
    • Details: Administered by the Central Sector Scheme of Scholarship for College and University Students, it supports meritorious students based on their performance in Class 12.
  10. Sitaram Jindal Scholarship Scheme
    • Details: This scholarship assists students pursuing courses in engineering, medical, law, and other fields.
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