SSP Pre Matric Scholarship 2023: Student Must Know – Entrance, Documents

The SSP Pre Matric Scholarship 2023 is designed for students in Karnataka. Here’s essential information students must know:

  1. Eligibility Criteria:
    • Students must be residents of Karnataka.
    • Eligible categories include Scheduled Caste (SC), Scheduled Tribe (ST), and Other Backward Classes (OBC).
  2. Entrance Process:
    • The scholarship likely involves an application process through the State Scholarship Portal.
  3. Required Documents:
    • Registration Number or Students SATS ID.
    • Aadhaar Number.
    • Mobile Number and Email ID.
    • National Scholarship Portal details.
  4. Additional Documents (as per sources):
    • Recent passport-sized photos.
    • Caste certificate.
    • Class 10th mark sheet.
    • Income certificate.
  5. Application Process:
    • Students can apply online through the State Scholarship Portal.
  6. Important Dates (if available):
    • Check the official website or portal for the application deadline and other relevant dates.

Benefits of SSP Pre Matric Scholarship 2023

The SSP Pre Matric Scholarship 2023 offers crucial benefits to eligible students in Karnataka. These benefits include financial support for students belonging to Scheduled Castes (SC), Scheduled Tribes (ST), and Other Backward Classes (OBC). The scholarship covers educational expenses for students in classes 1 to 10, aiming to facilitate their academic journey. Besides financial assistance, the program promotes inclusivity and equal opportunities for students from marginalized communities. The scholarship plays a pivotal role in reducing the financial burden on families, encouraging education among underprivileged students. Additionally, the scholarship enhances access to quality education, empowering students to pursue their academic aspirations and contribute to societal progress.

SSP Pre Matric Scholarship 2023 Entrance Test (YET) Structure

International students at a welcome event for scholarship recipients, 
holding flags from their home countries,
A community outreach event showcasing scholarship opportunities, 
with information booths and engaged participants,
Attendees at a scholarship fundraising gala, 
dressed in formal attire and participating in charity auctions,

As of the available information, there is no indication that the SSP Pre Matric Scholarship 2023 requires an Entrance Test (YET). The scholarship program seems to primarily focus on eligibility criteria related to residency, belonging to specific categories (Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe, Other Backward Classes), and studying in recognized institutions in Karnataka. The application process involves providing necessary documents such as admission letters, income certificates, and Aadhaar cards.

SSP Pre Matric Scholarship 2023 Eligibility Criteria

The SSP Pre Matric Scholarship 2023 is specific to students in the state of Karnataka, India. Eligibility criteria include:

  1. Residency: Applicants must be residents of Karnataka.
  2. Income Criteria: The annual income of the applicant’s family should be less than INR 1 lakh.
  3. Category: The scholarship is applicable to students belonging to Scheduled Caste (SC), Scheduled Tribe (ST), and Other Backward Classes (OBC).
  4. Academic Level: Students studying in classes 1 to 10 are eligible.

These criteria are designed to support students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds in pursuing their education.

Documents Required for SSP Pre Matric Scholarship 2023

To apply for the SSP Pre Matric Scholarship 2023, students need to submit the following important documents:

  1. Passport-size Photograph: A recent photograph of the applicant.
  2. Aadhaar Cards: Both the Aadhaar cards of the student and their parents.
  3. College Fee Receipt: Proof of payment of college fees.
  4. ID for Private College: If the applicant is from a private institution, an ID is required.
  5. Bank Passbook Photocopy: A copy of the bank passbook.
  6. Receipt for College Fees: A receipt for the payment of college fees.

These documents are crucial for the application process and to establish eligibility for the scholarship.

Important Dates for SSP Pre Matric Scholarship 2023

Here are the important dates for SSP Pre Matric Scholarship 2023:

Last Date for SSP Pre Matric Scholarship20th January 2023
Application Status CheckOngoing
Renewal Application Deadline30th June 2023
Scholarship Application DateMarch 2023 (Past)

Please note that these dates are subject to change, and it’s recommended to verify the latest information on the official SSP Scholarship portal or related sources.

How to Apply for SSP Pre Matric Scholarship 2023: Step-by-Step Guide

To apply for the SSP Pre Matric Scholarship 2023, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the SSP Karnataka Scholarship Portal:
  2. Navigate to the Registration Section:
    • Look for the registration or apply section on the homepage.
  3. Complete Registration:
    • Register on the portal by providing the necessary details.
  4. Login to Your Account:
    • After successful registration, log in to your account using your credentials.
  5. Fill in the Application Form:
    • Complete the scholarship application form with accurate information.
  6. Upload Required Documents:
    • Attach the necessary documents, such as Aadhar card, income certificate, etc.
  7. Submit the Application:
    • Review the entered information and submit the application.
  8. Track Application Status:
    • Keep track of your application status through the SSP portal.

Direct contact – Contact details for SSP Pre Matric Scholarship 2023

If you need to contact the authorities regarding the SSP Pre Matric Scholarship 2023, you can use the following contact details:

  1. Helpline Numbers:
    • Social Welfare Department: 9482300400 / 080-22634300
    • Tribal Welfare Department: 9482300400 / 080-XXXXXX (Contact information may vary, please check the latest details on the official website.)
  2. SSP Karnataka Scholarship Portal:
  3. Department of Social Welfare Contact:
    • Phone: 9480843005 / 9844251221 / 8073406449
  4. Department of Minority Welfare Contact:
    • Phone: (080)-XXXXXX (Contact information may vary, please check the latest details on the official website.)


  1. What is SSP Pre Matric Scholarship 2023-24?
    • Ans: SSP Pre Matric Scholarship 2023-24 is a government initiative by the Government of Karnataka to support students from Class 1 to Class 10.
  2. Who is eligible to apply for SSP Pre Matric Scholarship?
    • Ans: Students from Class 1 to Class 10 belonging to specific income categories are eligible. The family income should not exceed a certain limit.
  3. What documents are required for SSP Pre Matric Scholarship application?
    • Ans: Commonly required documents include a passport-size photograph, Aadhar cards of both the student and parents, college fee receipt, and ID for private or government college.
  4. How much is the scholarship amount, and when is the last date to apply?
    • Ans: The scholarship amount and last date can vary. It’s crucial to check the official SSP Karnataka Scholarship Portal for the latest information.
  5. Where can I apply for SSP Pre Matric Scholarship 2023?

Top 10 Types of Scholarships Available in 2023

A mentor and mentee discussing academic and career goals as part of a scholarship mentorship program,
Facilitators guiding participants through a hands-on workshop on preparing effective scholarship application,
An exhibition featuring the works of recipients of an artistic scholarship, 
including paintings, 
  1. SSP Pre Matric Scholarship 2023-24
    • Details: The SSP Pre Matric Scholarship is for students from Class 1 to Class 10 in Karnataka. It supports students from diverse backgrounds, particularly those from underprivileged categories within the state [Source].
  2. Pre-Matric Scholarship for Minorities
    • Details: A Karnataka scholarship available for minority students at the pre-matric level, supporting their education from Class 1 to 10 [Source].
  3. Post-Matric Scholarship
    • Details: The post-matric scholarship is part of the SSP Scholarship 2023 and supports students who have cleared their matriculation exams [Source].
  4. Central Government Scholarships
    • Details: Various centrally-funded scholarships are available for students, covering a range of criteria and courses [Source].
  5. MPhil and PhD Fellowship for Minority Students
    • Details: Karnataka scholarship specifically for minority students pursuing MPhil and PhD studies [Source].
  6. Merit-Based Scholarships
    • Details: Scholarships based on academic merit, open to students across various levels of education and fields of study.
  7. Need-Based Scholarships
    • Details: Scholarships provided based on financial need, supporting students who may face economic challenges in pursuing education.
  8. Sports Scholarships
    • Details: Scholarships for students with exceptional sports talent, encouraging them to balance academics and sports.
  9. Arts and Culture Scholarships
    • Details: Scholarships supporting students involved in arts and cultural activities, fostering creativity and talent.
  10. Science and Technology Scholarships
    • Details: Scholarships aimed at students pursuing education in science and technology fields, encouraging advancements in these domains.
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